Moulin Rouge--Themed Party Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

A Moulin Rouge--theme party is a great way to excite guests and incite fun. With elaborate decorations, costumes and food, this party is sure to please any crowd. Following these simple steps will ensure a successful Moulin Rouge theme party.

Decorate With Red and Black

The traditional colours of the Moulin Rouge---the venue and the movie---are red and black, so stick with tradition and decorate your party in this way. Put up red and black streamers, spread a red carpet at the entrance, and use red and black balloons. Use these colours when purchasing dinner- and plasticware as well. Red and black plates and napkins found at party stores will give your party added flair, and red Solo cups and plastic eating utensils are available at most grocery stores. Employ these colours in as many ways as possible to impress your guests and complete the conceit.

Dress the Part

To make your guests really feel a part of the action, encourage them to rent elaborate costumes and jewellery from costume shops that might be seen in the Moulin Rouge. You can find costumes for around £65, and guests may be able to find cheaper costumes online or on auction websites. In addition, separates may be purchased from various stores to create a one-of-a-kind look. Women could wear red and black garters, boas, sequin headbands, feathered fans, satin gloves and corset tops. Men could wear formal vests, top hats, leather shoes and bow ties. Handlebar moustaches, available at most costume stores, make male guests really look the part.

Use Moulin Rouge Backdrops for a Photo Shoot

Taking pictures at a party will allow guests to remember the celebration for years, so print out Moulin Rouge backdrops for your guests to pose beside or in front of. Purchase movie posters from entertainment stores or consider renting a small Eiffel tower or Parisian Metro sign from a party store. Assemble the props and posters along a smooth, flat surface at body level so that your guests can pose alongside them. Setting up lights and decorating the area with feather boas will add to the photo.

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