Senior Exercise-to-Music Routines

Updated April 17, 2017

Senior exercises to music provide a fun and entertaining way to get in shape. With the variety of exercises available, there is bound to be something that pleases you. Using music as a motivator makes your workout seem easier and more pleasurable. Plus, the music's beat makes it easier to count how long you are holding your exercise position.


Dancing provides a cardiovascular workout along with the positive effects of social interaction. Ballroom dancing to waltzes is a popular way to exercise for any age group, but especially for seniors. Square dancing is another fun way to exercise. With so many dances available, there is bound to be something that suits you. Music tempos can be changed as well as the level of difficulty.

Chair Exercises

For those having difficulty physically manoeuvring themselves, chair exercises provide a popular senior exercise to music. Chairs can be used as a balancer; while standing up you can hold on to the back of it. While holding the chair's back, lift your leg in different directions and hold. Or, stand up on your tip toes and back down. While sitting, extend your arms and straighten your legs. Use the music's beat to keep count of your hold.


Walking can easily be used as a senior exercise to music. Walking speeds can be adjusted, as can the distance and time involved. Paved walking trails are great spots for enjoying a walk while listening to music. Play whatever tune is your favourite and walk to the beat. You can carry a CD player (or iPod) with you to make the walk livelier. At a retirement home, the music can be on speakers while a group walking exercise takes place. Many shopping malls offer special hours for senior exercises to music. Some malls will provide the music, but if one is not available at your local mall, politely request one.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are gaining in popularity as a senior exercise to music. This form of exercise provides a healthy workout without any strain on the joints. The exercise can concentrate on certain areas, if you prefer. For instance, use the skiing motion to workout your entire body, or, walk around the perimeter of the pool. Speed it up into a jog for a more intense workout. Make certain that your entire foot touches the bottom of the pool to avoid any injury. Water aerobics are a recommended exercise for arthritis sufferers.


Remember that before starting any exercise program, consult with your medical professional first. That way you avoid the chance of injury or discomfort. Also remember to start any exercise program slowly and eventually work your way up to a higher level. Drink plenty of water. Stop at the first sign of any pain and consult your medical professional immediately if this occurs.

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