Examples of restaurant customer service skills

Updated April 17, 2017

Customer service skills are an important aspect of a restaurant's image. Excellent food can never quite compensate for poor service. There are several ways in which customer service skills can be applied in a restaurant setting. If restaurant employees anticipate customer needs, provide friendly and prompt service, and work hard to accommodate special orders, customers will appreciate their efforts.

Being Proactive

Being proactive is an excellent customer service skill in a restaurant. Bringing drink refills before a customer asks, and ensuring that the customer has all necessary condiments and extra napkins are all ways to provide better service. A family with children may want extra crayons or a booster seat. A couple without children may not want to be seated right next to a family with three children and a toddler. If it is a hot day, bring ice water immediately, so the customer doesn't have to wait. Above all, try to anticipate the customer's needs and bring them anything that might make their visit to the restaurant more comfortable.

Being Friendly

Being served by a nice waiter or waitress can greatly improve the experience of the customer. Greeting each new customer with a smile is an important customer service skill in a restaurant. Maintaining a cheerful attitude and responding to requests promptly is another great way to create happy customers. Your goal is to make the customer feel at home, which you can do by simply being friendly.

Remembering Special Orders

Some customers have special dietary needs or unique tastes. Whatever the reason, if the customer makes a special request, it's important to make sure it gets fulfilled. If they requested a dish with no rice, and there is rice on the plate when you pick up the order, tell the kitchen to fix it. If a problem of that nature occurs, always explain to the customer and explain the extra wait.

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