Cool skateboard bedroom ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A skateboard bedroom theme is a fun and visually exciting theme for teen boys especially, but for all kids who love to skateboard as well. "Tough" colours and urban highlights make the skateboard bedroom a room your skater will love to show off to friends. Easy to put together with solid colours and handmade accents, this room may actually bring your kid home from the skate park. Here are some ideas on how to put it together.


Murals are making a comeback for theme rooms, and skateboard murals are inexpensive, colourful and easy to apply. Murals range from cool skateboards at interesting angles, trick jump silhouettes or riders on ramps. Select a mural for behind or next to a bed or on the space between a door and a closet for an exciting graphic pop.

Urban Accents

The skateboard culture reflects an urban attitude, and you can incorporate that feel in your bedroom as well. Apply a faux brick look to one wall to mimic an urban setting and use iron or metallic surfaces for the bed-frame, side table and bureaus. Graffiti is also a popular theme among skateboarders. If you don't want to ruin your walls, purchase a large graffiti poster, frame it and hang it on the wall to achieve the same effect. If your skateboarder is also a graffiti artist, let her go nuts on some poster board, then frame up her own artwork to display on the wall.

Bedding and Windows

Although you can find skateboard-related linens, older skaters may not appreciate them. Dress a teen skaters bed in traditional skater colours of black, silver and red. Your teen will appreciate the more mature look, and it will still carry that "tough" look that says "skater."

Windows are another consideration, and again, younger skaters may like skater-motif curtains, but teen skaters will prefer a solid colour or something really innovative, like using a skull and crossbones flag or some hand-graffitied white curtains. Making your own curtains is easy; your teen will love to help design them. Take some standard white curtains and arm your artist with spray paints. Allow him to graffiti the curtains, let them air out and dry, and hang. You can also use plain white sheets you cut and hem to size.


Accessories for a skateboard room can be colourful, urban and functional. Old skateboards make great book shelves and can be placed on common bookshelf brackets, rollers and all. Frame up favourite skater T-shirts and use simple metallic accents like stools, lamps and a silver-framed mirror. Stickers are also part of the skater style, so provide a good place for them rather than on your walls and doors. Purchase a rectangular piece of diamond-patterned aluminium sheeting and screw into the wall behind a desk or above a dresser. Not only is this a cool urban accent but it's also an appropriate place for your skater to paste stickers, photos and mementos.

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