What can you do to clear up mucus in your throat?

Updated February 21, 2017

Being able to communicate on a daily basis enables people to have fun, work well and obtain what they need to be comfortable and survive. Unfortunately, communicating verbally can be a real, literal pain if the inside of your throat constantly is coated in mucus. Getting rid of mucus in the throat needn't require much effort.


Stay hydrated. The less water you have in your body, the thicker the mucus in your nasal passages and throat will be. This can make it harder to cough out or to loosen. Drink plenty of water and mucus will become thinner. Staying hydrated also can relieve some underlying conditions that may cause the mucus to be in your throat in the first place.

Wash the Sinuses

Wash out your nasal passages. Often, mucus that ends up lodged in or coating your throat actually is pulled down into the throat from your nasal passages by gravity, so getting rid of the mucus in your sinuses can get rid of mucus in your throat. A good way to rinse out your nasal passages is by using what is called a neti pot. This small device is shaped like a teapot, and you can purchase one inexpensively at most pharmacies and chemists. You fill it with water and place the tip into one nostril. You then simply lean to the opposite side and let gravity pull water through your sinuses.


Use a humidifier. Dehydration can make mucus thicker in the throat, but this also can happen when moisture is removed from the air. Putting moisture back into a room can help you to loosen and dilute the mucus lodged in your throat.


Rinse the throat using a saline solution (salt water) or diluted apple cider vinegar. Both of these rinses cut through thick mucus and serve to disinfect the throat. When gargling, do so gently to avoid irritating your throat tissue. Don't make the solutions too strong, as you can further irritate throat tissue that is red or raw from infection by the salt and vinegar if the concentration is too high.

Drink and Inhale

Drink or inhale something herbal. Using a throat steamer filled with water and a few drops of chamomile, thyme, horsetail or eucalyptus oil moistens your throat tissue and helps to loosen thick mucus. Drinking such essences in the form of warm teas also will disinfect and heal, as the teas' moisture loosens the gunk.

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