Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom Window

Bathroom windows present some design challenges. Bathrooms need plenty of natural light, but you also need privacy while using the bathroom. When deciding on how to decorate a bathroom window, keep in mind the purpose of the decor; to allow for privacy, but still let in natural light, while making your bathroom seem clean, inviting and pleasant. Here are a few ideas for decorating that bathroom window.

Window Clings

Window clings are a great solution for those who want plenty of natural light, but don't want to sacrifice privacy to get it. Window clings are basically vinyl stickers that you can use on your window that still allow light to filter through, while covering the window so no one can see in. You can purchase them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to match your existing bathroom decor. Stick them on, smooth them out and they will stay until you are ready to peel them away, making them a great solution for renters.


Shutters are making a big comeback in the window treatment arena, and they are perfect for bathrooms. They allow you to easily control how much or how little light comes through the window, and are easy to close for complete privacy. When purchasing shutters for your bathroom window, remember to ask for treated wood, so the humidity in your bathroom doesn't warp the wood in any way. Or, you can treat them yourself with a few coats of sealer.


Add accessories to your window to further establish your bathroom decor. Your window sill is a great place to put items like scented pillar candles arranged randomly together or an assortment of bath oils for guests to use. You may want to put a small basket there with decorative soaps or potpourri to help your bathroom always smell its freshest. Decorate the window with a few extra towels so guests always know where extra ones are.

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