How deep do you plant daffodil bulbs?

Updated November 22, 2016

There is an enormous selection of daffodils to choose from, with new varieties being introduced every year. They are one of the first flowers of spring, long lasting and hardy. Easy to grow, daffodils make a lovely addition to anyone's landscape.

In the Ground

Daffodils can be planted in the late fall in colder climates, or for warm climates, the late winter or very early spring. They do well in most soil types, but the soil under the bulb in the hole should be loosened to encourage root development. The hole should be dug to a depth that is roughly three to four times the circumference of the bulb, or 4 to 8 inches. Calculate the depth of the hole from the top of the bulb when it is placed in the hole, not from the bottom of the hole. Be sure you plant the bulb with the pointed end up, then cover with soil.

In Containers

Planting daffodils in containers is similar to planting them in the ground, only they do better if soilless plant potting mix, like perilite, is used in place of soil from your garden. They should be planted about six inches deep, and checked to make sure there is enough moisture in the potting mix. For deeper containers, you might try layering the daffodils when planting for a longer blooming season. To do this, plant some bulbs at 12 inches deep, then another layer of bulbs at 6 inches deep. Make sure the top layer bulbs are not placed directly on top of the deeper planted bulbs. The top layer bulbs will bloom first, followed by the deeper planted layer that took longer to reach the surface.

Planting Arrangements

Daffodil bulbs ideally should be planted about 6 inches apart. But, depending on the effect you wish to create, this is not mandatory. You can plant the bulbs in clusters for a bouquet-type look. Or, plant them in a single row or multiple rows for a more formal appearance. If you prefer the natural look, randomly plant the bulbs throughout the garden area. The choice is yours to make.

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