Hallway Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Hallways are sometimes difficult to decorate. They are usually either left undecorated, or they are too cluttered, leaving guests and residents feeling like they are navigating an obstacle course any time they want to go to the bathroom. Don't under- or overdecorate your hallway. Instead, use these tips to create a space that is welcoming and interesting.


Paint is an excellent decorating choice for any hallway. It is inexpensive and the project can be completed in just a few hours. Choose a light colour for the side walls, and a slighter darker hue for the ceiling and the wall at the end of the hallway. Also, think about adding architectural details. Wainscoting can look great in a hallway, especially if that hallway is too narrow to add any furniture. Ceiling moulding also adds interest to a hallway, especially if it is bright white against a darker, neutral colour.

Photos and artwork

Traditionally, hallways have been used to display family photographs. Avoid the too-cluttered look by choosing just three or four photographs of the same size. Frame them in similar frames, and hang them in a straight horizontal line at eye level. Art can be displayed in the same manner. Stay away from loud, large prints. These will just overwhelm a small hallway. Instead, choose smaller prints. Several small prints or photos in a large, white mat and simple black frame look great marching down a hallway. Another decorative touch is to paint or purchase quotes to put on a hallway wall.


If your hallway is wide, consider placing furniture along the walls on one of the sides of the hallway, or against the wall at the end. For example, a "hall tree" placed near an entry or exit door at the end of the hallway is good for holding umbrellas, hats, and keys. A storage bin for shoes can be placed against one wall, or if you want a less practical and more formal look, a foyer table can be placed against the wall with a vase of flowers on it. A mirror hung above the table can open up the space.

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