Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and I want to show you how to remove garden soil. It's pretty straightforward, but a lot of times you might have a slant into your garden and you might be creating puddles. And so, you may want to remove some of that soil and bring it, to make it level, or you may have a raised bed that's gotten so heaped high that you may want to remove some of that soil. Now, some things that you want to remember when removing it is you've worked that topsoil and it's usually pretty good. So, you don't want to get rid of that soil. We just want to scoop away the good soil, probably the first at least eight inches or so and then as you can see the further down we go it's not as good. So, as we come down here, then let's remove this soil here. That way we're keeping our good soil. Just get rid of this. This down here is a little bit on the clay side so it's not going to hurt my feelings to get rid of it any at all. And then you can just continue to go through here until you have enough soil removed to where you can create a nice flat surface for growing, then just fill back in that good soil that you've worked so hard and you're not getting rid of it, not wasting any money that you've spent on your garden soil, smooth it out so it's nice and level so you don't get any puddling and you're good to go to start planting your garden again.