Video transcription

Hi, my name's Bob Linde. I'm an herbalist and an herb grower. Today, I'm going to give you some free advice on how to keep rabbits and squirrels out of your herb garden. So, depending on where you are, you may have rabbits or squirrels, and sometimes even both, going after your herbs and vegetables in your garden. So, rabbits are the easiest one to keep at bay. Actually, we can go ahead and get some chicken wire at our local garden supply store, and I prefer actually a height of about three feet, which allows us to go ahead and dig down about six inches to a foot below the surface of the ground in order to keep those rabbits out. Make sure that you're able to comfortably step over it, or go ahead and put in a fenced in gate so that you can go in easily without tripping or hurting yourself. But, squirrels are another story, and that's actually what I have the most problem with in my garden. I actually have a variety of fruit trees as well as avocado trees that the squirrels are kind enough to pick for me oftentimes. But, I don't usually want to eat after them. So, some of the ways that you can keep then from your yard is, keep the fruit to a minimum, Make sure that you don't have anything on the ground that's going to attract them, because ultimately, they are rodents. But then, there's ways that they get into either a fenced yard or garden, or that's just going to make it more conducive to bring them into your yard. We can go ahead and trim many of the branches down that are either around our house. Keep leaves to a minimum, and make sure that they don't have an easy way to get to the tree. So, if we can isolate our fruit trees, or over our garden we remove any branches that are overhanging, because the squirrels generally don't take a lot of time traveling on the ground. They actually prefer to go from treetop to treetop, running along the branches, having fun, it looks like, oftentimes. So, if we get rid of that route that they get to all of our garden or our fruit trees, we can make it a little bit harder for them. And then, there's one of my favorite ways to get rid of them, that's get a dog or a cat. They tend to scare off a lot of the different rodents, in particular for squirrels. And, just recently I actually had a friend tell me about a interesting way that he got rid of the squirrels in his yard. He mixed cayenne pepper with Vaseline, and placed that Vaseline in particular areas where the squirrels like to travel. They would get a little bit of the Vaseline on their feet, and try to lick it off. Usually, that was enough to turn to keep the squirrels from coming that route again. So, I haven't tried that one yet, but I understand it was quite effective for him for a variety of different squirrels and rats that he actually had in his yard. So, this is Bob Linde, talking to you about some free advice for taking care of those rabbits and squirrels in your yard. So, you can go ahead and get some chicken wire, or try a variety of different techniques to keeping the squirrels to a minimum. So, please enjoy your herbs.