Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chantelle Tarride. I'm a professional makeup artist. Today, we're going to be showing you how to use an eyebrow shaver. A trick that I learned, because these are very tricky tools to use, is I learned how to shape the brow first with a dark liner. Today, we're going to go with a nice dark brown. A technique I'm going to show you how to do is I'm going o actually color in the eyebrow. I'm going to draw an eyebrow on her of how she would want her eyebrow to look. Now, you're doing this on yourself, so you know the kind of shape that you're looking for in your own eyebrow. So by doing this, I'm going to really darken up those eyebrows, and I'm drawing where I want the eyebrow to be, the shape of it so that once I fill it in nice and dark I know exactly what to shave off because if you do it freehand unless this is a technique that you're used to using it can get a little bit tricky and you may shave off more than what you want. So by doing this as you can see, it's getting darker and darker, I'm going to know exactly where I want to shave off and it may not even be a lot right now but any little excess hairs we can go. Now that we've filled in the brow you can see the dramatic difference from her natural color and that's going to allow me to go with now my eyebrow razor and take off any areas, any little stray hairs that you may find that just want to kind of take away from. The whole point with the eyebrow razor, it's a very delicate razor but you still want to be even more delicate with a very light hand because again you can cut yourself, not hard to the point where you may be bleeding but you may feel a little nitch which could scab so be very gentle. What I'm doing is I'm pressing against the skin at an angle with this razor and I'm seeing right now all these little stray hairs that I just want to get rid of. So I'm going to go against the grain of the hair and just start slightly etching those little hairs off and you should hardly even be able to feel this. That's how gentle you're doing it. Can you feel anything, Rebecca? No. See? So now, I'm lightly lightly going against the grain of the hair like I said. I'm not rubbing in the same constant area because all that's going to do is irritate your skin going above the brow, right below the brow and just start angle, following that trace that I used. Alright and once you find that shape and you take off all of this eyeliner and you go back to normal you'll find a very beautiful natural shape by using your own eyebrow shaver. This has been Chantelle Tarride. Thanks for watching.