Video transcription

Hi. I'm Robert Slick from A-1 Carpet Man in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to show you how to seam two carpets together with carpet tape. Okay, we're going to seam this carpet back together. We're going to use this seaming tape. Put the seaming tape underneath the carpet. It has a line in the middle so you make sure it gets in the middle. You take a hot iron, seaming iron, like this, and you put it right on top of that seaming tape. And once you get that seaming tape hot underneath the iron, it takes a couple seconds here to get it warmed up. Then you can move it. You don't want to go any farther than the length of your iron. And you take the two pieces of carpet and you put the backings together. When you put the backing together the face of the carpet will roll right together. And I like to use a tray to keep the carpet flat so when it cools down it doesn't have a bubble in it. Like I said you've got to put the two backings together. And the rest of it will fall into place. We use these tractors, like this, it's a carpet tractor, and that pushes the glue in the bottom of the tape into the backing of the carpet. Okay, make sure you put your iron back in the tray. And you put your two carpets together like that, and let it cool down. It should only take about 10 minutes to cool down and then you can stretch your carpet. Again, I'm Robert, and I just showed you how to install your carpet with seaming tape.