Video transcription

Hi, I'm Erin Boyle with Compassionate Pet Solutions. I'm going to talk about how to keep your cat from digging in your garden. The first thing to remember is, the reason why cats like to dig in gardens is because the soil is very, very soft. It's very pleasant for them to walk on, it's very soft, and reminds them of a good place to have a litter box. One thing that acts as a good deterrent is chicken wire. Chicken wire can be placed on the ground before you start planting, and you can use a little bit of soil to cover it up so that you can't see it. The chicken wire prevents them from digging, and also acts as a good deterrent because they don't like the way it feels on their paws. You can cut pieces in the chicken wire in order to plant around it. Or, you can take the chicken wire and place it around your existing plants. Other things that act as good deterrents is anything that makes the soil less pleasant to walk on. So, stuff like lava rocks or flat rocks or even decorative pine cones can be really effective. One thing that's really effective is a motion detector deterrent. Basically, the way they act is that it acts as a motion detector for anything that comes near the garden. So, if a cat or anything else walks by, it will do something that is unpleasant that will scare the cat away. A good product out there is called the Scarecrow motion detector system. And basically, the way that works is it's a sprinkler system, and it's a sprinkler that goes off the second the cat gets anywhere near your garden. Obviously, cats don't like to be sprayed with water, so it's a great deterrent. Another product that's out there is called the Ultrasonic CatStop system, and the CatStop is basically an ultrasonic device that makes emits a loud noise, and it goes off in a high pitched sound, and scares the cats away. Often, you can't even hear the sound, but it's still effective enough to scare the cat from entering your garden.