Video transcription

I'm Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations, and today we're going to repair our sink sprayer. This sink has a hose with a sprayer that is supposed to jet water out when you wash the sink out. This one is not working, so we've got to figure out why and inside here there's a little cap; see it's got some holes. We'll just wipe that down. Sometimes, you even need to poke those holes out with a little piece of wire, keep those holes clear. Still not working, alright, put that hose cap back on there. We've got another side right down here. We can take the sprayer out and look at its little spring. Sometimes there's some parts in there that will come out. Sometimes you'll find debris from the water pipes in there, sand or rocks or something. This one looks pretty clean and you can run a little bit of water through here and see if anything comes through. That one is coming through okay, so we've got pressure in there. Now we'll put it back together. Put that spring back in, tighten up the little hose fitting here. Now we've got a decent spray coming out of our sink sprayer. If that didn't work there's also a small diverter valve right inside this spout. Sometimes you can take the spout right off with just a simple fitting and get a look inside there, right down in here where the spout fits there's a small spring and diverter as well. We can turn a little bit of water on now, carefully watching and seeing that nothing pops out. We need all the little parts just free it up. This one is not really coming out but you can move it around in there and get it back in motion. Sometimes that's all it takes is a little bit of corrosion movement in there. We'll put it back together and test it again. It's better if you can do it by hand. You don't mar the chrome on a fantastic kitchen faucet like this one. Turn on the water and give it a little spray. It looks like this one is working okay. We'll clean up the sink and be ready for the next job. I'm Roger Bacon, and that's how you repair a kitchen faucet sprayer.