Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bryan Francis from Billy Beck III Personal Training and Performance Center. Today, I'm going to show you how to exercise for spinal stenosis. With me here to demonstrate is super trainer, Lauren Huff. Now, spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the intervertebral canals where the nerves innervate. So, what we want to do is really challenge and focus on strengthening the core muscles. So, what we're going to do is go over three exercises that strengthen those core muscles. The first movement, very basic is a stability ball crunch so what Lauren is going to do is roll forward right to the position where the ball is on that low part of the back. So she's going to go ahead and cup her fingertips behind her ears. She's going to crunch up with a controlled count, just flexing at that spine, hold the top for two seconds and slow on the extension back over that ball. She's going to crunch up, hold for two seconds. Notice her low back never comes off the ball and back down. Now do one with incorrect form coming up all the way. What you'll see a lot of people do is come up, their low back comes off the ball. What they're doing with that is just pulling from the hip flexors. There's no core engaged in that. The second movement Lauren is going to do is she's going to flip over face down on the ball. We call this the opposite arm leg raise. So what she's going to do is be face down. The shoulders line up right over the elbows, elbows right over the wrist. What she's going to do is raise one arm and the opposite leg, come up, she's going to hold for two seconds at the top, come down with control, right back up with the other side. What she'll do is repeat this for 20 repetitions. Notice as she comes up she rotates the palm in. So we don't want to have the hand face down, you want to rotate that palm in on the way up. You repeat again for 20 reps. What this is going to do is challenge the extensors in the back and rotary stabilization means stabilization from one side to the other across that spine. The third movement, Lauren is going to stay face down on this ball and this is a Prone Cobra we call it. So what it is is a back extension exercise. She'll be face down. She'll extend over the ball and then extend back up, hold for two seconds at the top and then bend back over the ball. Again, repeat anywhere from 15 to 20 repetitions. I'm Bryan Francis, and this has been how to exercise for spinal stenosis.