Video transcription

Hi, my name is Given Campbell. I'm a wallpaper designer in Tampa, Florida. And today, I'm going to give you tips on how to remove wallpaper paste from painted walls. So, you've got this beautiful blue paint under your wallpaper. You are kind of over the wallpaper and you know that blue paint is there. So, you remove the wallpaper, you get that down completely. You've scored it with the claw. You've used the wallpaper paste stripper. The wallpaper is down but you have bits of glue left. So, what do you do? Basically, it's sort of the same process as removing wallpaper. You can use a wallpaper stripper, a wallpaper paste stripper. You want to use hot water as hot as you can stand it. It will cool fast so you may need to you know add more to your bucket or dump the bucket out and refill it with hot water. But you can use any kind of a mild detergent. Baby shampoo, dish detergent, anything you know Ivory or Dawn. Anything works really, really well. But the key really is to use hot water. So, you get that in there and you go through you just search your walls for the problem spots. You hit it with you know the corner of a sponge, something small. You don't want, unless the paint that you have up there is scrubable you want to be careful because you can remove the finish. Especially if it's something like an eggshell. So you just want to go slowly. You want to do small areas one at a time. Make sure you have a tarp or some kind of a drop cloth because it can get a little messy. So, once you've done that just let your walls dry and then check for stubborn areas where you know the glue might not have come off or you know, is a little bit more stubborn. Or has little peaks, little sharp areas that are going to you know show up on your painted wall. So, you can just simply sand those down with either a sanding block or sandpaper. And you may want to have some of the blue paint or whatever color that you are using left over so you can touch up spots, because once it's dry, you won't be able to tell that you went back afterwards and touched up the wall. If you have any questions you should always contact a contractor in your area. Talk to them, have them come out and see it for themselves. But, I'm always happy to try and answer your questions. So, you can go to my website And send me a question through the contact page, and I'll be happy to get back to you. I'm Given Campbell, and these are my tips for removing wallpaper paste from painted walls.