Video transcription

Hi, my name is Given Campbell. I'm a wallpaper designer in Tampa, Florida. And today, I'm going to give you tips on how to remove wallpaper from dry wall. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that when you glue wallpaper directly to dry wall you are essentially gluing two pieces of paper together because dry wall has the paper on the outside. So, the one thing that you need to remember is to go slowly. You want to first score it with some kind of a cutting tool. A claw works really well. It's just a hand held plastic tool that has cutting blades on the underside. You move it across the wall in a sweeping circular motion. Once you've done that, you apply a wallpaper stripper. You can also use a propane powered steamer and you can rent these at most home improvement stores. Once you get the wallpaper stripper on, you can apply it with a sponge or with a spray bottle but you want to wait about 15 minutes and let it soak in. Once that's done, the paper will start to bubble. So, you'll start to see you know evidence that the wallpaper is coming up. And you want to start slowly. Just grab one corner it doesn't really matte which. You just ant to find the path of least resistance. Start to pull. And if any areas begin to not like if the paper won't come up on certain areas you should wait, don't force it. Because you can actually tear the front covering off of the dry wall along with the paper and then you may actually have to remove the dry wall and have it reinstalled. So you are going to end up costing yourself more money and have to take more time to get your project finished. So the key is going slow and the other key is to use hot, hot water. As hot as you can take it when you mix your you either dilute or if you mix up a wallpaper paste remover, any kind of wallpaper stripper. So go slowly. Use hot water. And if you have any areas that have resistance just wait add more stripper. Wait a few minutes and you know just keep, you know keep pulling it off. You can also use go behind it as you are pulling the wallpaper down you can go behind it with three to four inch scraper blade. And you can kind of pull and scrape and pull and scrape. And that will help the wallpaper come down as well. My name is Given Campbell, and these are my tips for removing wallpaper from dry wall. If you have any questions, definitely contact a contractor in your area. But if you have any questions that you'd like to send to me, you can do that through my website