Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and we're going to show you how to construct a fairly cool way to do a tomato cage, especially if you're doing intensive planting. What we want is 15, 1 X 2 X 8 foot long furring strips that you can find at the hardware store. We're going to cut 12 of them, two foot long. We're going to need a Dado blade for this, for your table saw and we're just going to come in two inches right here and we're going to cut down 3/4 of an inch with a Dado blade, same thing on the other side and then directly in the center we're going to do another one. So, we're going to do 12 of those. Then with six of them, we're going to come with that same piece that we had before and we're going to come on this wider side and we're going to do another Dado cut, one inch in and then we're ready to do a ladder. Okay, so then we're going to need to cut nine - four foot pieces, then we're going to come in and do a Dado on one side, one and one half inches on each side, flip it over and then we're going to come in from the end and we are going to do 16 inch from each side and do another Dado cut. Once we're done with all that, it takes three of these with the center notches up like the ones that we had at the very beginning and we're just going to assemble those. The nice thing about this cage is you can actually make it smaller to store for Wintertime. This tomato cage will actually hold six tomato plants and if they don't fit in there really good you can tamp it down with a mallet carefully so you don't break your wood that you just put together. So, now we've magically we have three put together, those was our last, this is our ladder, the nine inches goes down and this will just slip right in there, get our other ladder, notches up, nine inches close to the ground and then if it doesn't go, tap it. Now as your tomato grows through these little spots here, you can put these on. You can do it all at once if you want to but I kind of just like to do them as the tomatoes grow. So you will have your tomato cage just like that. Now another thing that you can do because this is a little bit wobbly is you can measure from this corner down to this corner and you can put you a stabilizing bar here and that will keep it from swaying back and forth. It's kind of complicated but it really is worth doing especially for intensive growing. There you go.