Video transcription

Hello, I'm John Hopson with Hopson Home Improvements. And today, I'm going to show you how to fix a door that's been damaged or cracked. Let's say you have a crack or damage to your door like this, or a gouge in it, and you want to fix that. So, if you'll go to your home improvement store you'll find many kinds of wood filler products. Some are just one piece, one part products you just apply to the gouge or damaged area. Some are a two part things like this body filler. Some may be a two part epoxy so just choose whichever one you like to work with and proceed from there. Today I'm going to use a body filler type. So, let's get started. I do recommend doing this outdoors because this stuff is somewhat toxic. Read the warning labels on your can and follow the directions. So, I've got some of the putty out here on a piece of cardboard and it tells you on there how much of the hardener to put with it. And it is a red hardener so you can tell by the color if you're getting enough in there. So we're just going to mix this up and see what it looks like. To me, it looks like we've got probably a little too much hardener. When you put a lot of hardener it's going to set up quickly. Just be aware of that. It's important to mix it thoroughly. Okay that looks good. We're going to work the filler in thoroughly. And then scrape off the excess. Make sure you have the hole fully filled though. It's alright for it to be a little bit over full because we can sand this down later. Okay we're going to let this sit for 20 to 30 minutes until it hardens up thoroughly and then we can sand it with some 60 grit sandpaper and maybe finishing off with 180 grit. So we'll just wait a minute. Okay it looks like it's hard so now we're going to sand it with some 60 grit. Okay now we're going to follow with some 160 grit. Until it feels nice and smooth and that's a good way to do it. If I was doing this inside I'd probably be wearing a dust mask but I took it outside to work on it because of the toxic fumes and also the dust. So now it's ready to be primed and painted.