Video transcription

Hello, my name is David Geeting from By the Book Construction in Camarillo, California, and today I'm here to show you how to replace a ceiling light fixture and the tools we'll need today are going to be a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a set of wire nuts. And we have turned the breaker off and we're going to drop this nut down that holds this trim piece up so we can see what's the wiring underneath. Now, the lamp cord has two wires, one is black and one goes to the white. It doesn't matter which one you take off first because the power is off. So you want to disassemble the black and the white wire. There's your two lamp cord wires. Now the lamp itself is screwed up into the light holder bracket. Disconnect the ground which we've done. Now that our light fixture is down, I have taken the new light fixture out of the box and have assembled it due to the instructions and we want to thread the cord through the chain periodically, not every length but every once in a while and then we want to put it through our fixture too at the end, all three wires go through and when we hook these wires up it says in the directions that the white lettering on the lamp cord wire is going to go to the white neutral wire. The other one is going to go to the black and of course the copper wire goes to the ground. Okay now I have the light assembled, I'm going to stick the wire up through the mounting bracket in the ceiling until we meet our connecting tube that's going to connect the whole fixture to the ceiling bracket and we're going to screw that in, screw it in a little ways. We explained before that the white wire is going to be connected to the lamp cord wire that has the white writing on it and we're going to connect that to the white wires with our wire nut. And then the remaining wire, the wire without the bright white writing on it, is going to attach to the black wire coming out of the ceiling and our bare copper wire is going to get wrapped around the little green screw in the mounting bracket and put that nut down with a screwdriver. Now that that's all assembled, we can push these wires up into the box so they don't hang down anymore, slide the trim piece up. Now the tube is going to fit up tight and then here's the retaining ring that goes around and threads on to the hanger bracket. Now this is the final assembly for the light fixture. We want to put the glass globe over the top of the socket and then there is a white nut that screws down and that's going to hold the glass on to the fixture itself. My name is David Geeting from By the Book Construction in Camarillo, California, and I've just shown you how to take and change a ceiling light fixture. Thank you very much.