Video transcription

Hello, this is Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and right now we're going to be making hot pepper sauce. First thing we need is a small saucepan, a jar, I have nine Scotch bonnet peppers which I have pierced in the side, vinegar, just to make sure that it's enough to cover and fill the jar. So the first thing we're going to do is we are going to put our vinegar into our sauce pan. So I have a cup. I think a cup would be able to fill my jar. And that's why I've measured out that much. If you use a bigger jar, you estimate. So I'm going to go ahead and bring my vinegar to a boil on medium heat. In the meanwhile let me grab a glove and put my peppers in the jar. You want to make sure that you don't get these peppers on your hand. In case you rub your face or your eyes afterward, it wont be a pleasant experience at all. And I'm just going to wait for my vinegar to come to a boil. So now that our vinegar has come to a boil I'm going to go ahead and turn off the heat. Be careful not to put your face over the vinegar because it can really knock you back. And I'm going to pour my boiling vinegar right over my pierced Scotch bonnet peppers. Just fill it to the top. Again, depending on your jar you estimate. I was right on. I have a little bit of vinegar left. See? That's perfect. Go ahead and close up the jar. It's hot so I'm going to just grab a towel. So, you're going to let this sit for a few days, and use it at that time. I'm Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and this is how you make hot pepper sauce.