Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jory from Utah, and we're going to talk about how to mount a kitchen wall cabinet. First off we need to make sure that we find our studs so that we know where our studs are at in the kitchen. If we don't hit the studs the cabinets aren't going to hold, fall off the wall, whatever it is, end up with a bit problem. So we need to make sure we know where the studs are at. I previously found the studs so I know where they're at in this wall and obviously this isn't a kitchen but it still applies to the kitchen. It's the same wherever we are hanging them whether it's kitchen or a bathroom, over the john, study, office, wherever it is, it's always going to be the same here. So we're going to get a little better position here. Let me get it leveled up there a little bit. Now if you're not able to hold it by yourself, probably get someone to hold it for you so you can make sure that we hit the studs. You could hear we're not actually hitting the stud there, when the drill kind of tightens up. One screw is enough to hold it so we do know that that's actually going to hold it long enough until I can kind of figure out what I'm doing here. We've got to make sure that we get it leveled up. So the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take my level. I'm going to adjust my cabinet just a little bit until it's level. That way as well as this way. One more check here. Okay, and then from here I can stick in another screw. Also I already previously marked these so I knew where my studs were at. Make sure I hit them okay and even with this I still am going to stick in another screw just to make sure that my cabinet is holding well. I definitely don't want there to be a problem with it falling off the wall. Okay, it's nice and sturdy and then I always still like just to double check how level it is just to make sure occasionally when we're putting those up we'll get a little bit of a tweak in the screw or something and sometimes that will throw it out of level. That looks like it's pretty good. So then next thing I'll do is hang on my doors and put my stuff back in my cabinet, my shelves and everything else I want to put in there. I'm Jory from Utah and we've just talked about how to mount a kitchen wall cabinet.