Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bryan Francis from Billy Beck III Personal Training and Performance Center, and today I'm going to show you how to lose underarm fat. Now, this is a problem area for a lot of people and what I want to tell you first and foremost is if you're not eating healthy and you're not exercising consistently we could do all the tricep movements there are, we're never going to burn fat in that one area. So spot reducing body fat is just the myth, we want to look at total body movements. So what Stephanie is going to do is she's going to demonstrate two movements, one with a pair of dumbbells, the second one using the cable. Now the first thing she's going to do is grab a pair of dumbbells. She's going to lie back flat on a flat bench and what she's going to do is perform a tricep extension. Some people refer to these as skull crushers. She's going to use a pair of dumbbells. Now as we use dumbbells, we're going to challenge balance and stability and lastly we're going to challenge coordination because you have to coordinate each dumbbell moving a the same time. Now as you can see Stephanie is only bending and extending right at that elbow joint. There's no rotation at the shoulder. She's doing a pattern where she's moving both arms at the same time. We can make this a little bit more challenging by alternating. So she's going to hold both dumbbells in the top position and do one side at a time. As soon as you get that down, we can progress it one step further where you're alternating simultaneously. Here you're moving down and extending up both arms at the same time so you're decelerating one side while accelerating the other. So go ahead and set those down. The second movement we're going to show is a tricep extension using a cable on a rope. Now what you want to do is position the pulley so it's pretty much straight overhead. You're going to pull both arms down to your sides and you want to focus on keeping the elbows into the sides and back. The shoulders should stay down, your shoulder blades should be in a back position. She's going to extend up keeping the shoulders locked in place and extend down at the elbows. At no point is she going to have any rotation forward or back at the shoulders. The only thing Stephanie is doing is bending and extending right at the elbow joint. You want to come up through a controlled motion, all the way through a full range of motion and extend all the way down as straight as your arms can go, up and back down. So any time we're doing these motions we want to do it with a controlled manner. We don't want to rotate back and forth at the shoulders and you always want to make sure the weight is moving in a fluid motion. I'm Bryan Francis, and this has been how to exercise and tone your underarms.