Video transcription

I'm Adam Zarrett with We Light Up The Night. And today, I'm going to show you one of my favorite Christmas light yard decorations, the north pole. To start with our north pole we are going to take a piece of PVC pipe and wrap it with a red stripe. For the red stripe we'll be using some vinyl electrical tape. We'll place the tape at the top of the pipe and then begin wrapping in a circular pattern while spinning the pipe, going round and round until we get all the way to the bottom of the pipe. Once we have the base of the pipe done we are going to move on to making the sign that reads north pole. For that we'll be using some Plexiglas material. Plexiglas can be purchased in large sheets and cut down to the size that you need. We will peel back the protective coating and then apply a light coat of paint to one side of the Plexi. Once we are done spraying and have allowed the product to dry, we'll apply lettering. Lettering can be purchased in sheets at your local home supply store. Apply the lettering trying to keep everything as evenly spaced as possible. Once the lettering has been attached we'll use a saw to cut out and eliminate excess material. Once completed we'll then use a drill to puncture small holes into the material and wire to affix the material to another piece of PVC pipe. That work as already been done on this completed piece shown here. Once completed we'll use a variety of additional PVC fittings to connect all of the components of our north pole together. Here is a bushing that will connect the small pipe to the larger pipe. And here we have a T that will connect the two different pieces of pipe together at an angle. Then we'll place a plastic globe at the very top. And finally we'll wrap our post with some clear white mini lights. I'm Adam Zarrett from We Light Up The Night, and that completes our north pole Christmas tree decorations.