Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, and in this video I'm going to be talking to you about massage tips for pressure points. Pressure points could be from many different systems like Chinese acupressure or acupuncture. You can take pressure points from the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine System called Marma Points. They are throughout the body. They are similar. They correspond to different organs in the body and also have an emotional aspect. So first you want to study the points. You can find information on line or take specific classes depending on which system you want to study or both. Specifically massage techniques or using finger pressure like this gallbladder point I'm going to be showing you, you want to bring your intention to the area. You don't want to be thinking about something else or worrying about something else. You want your intention to be on the person on your table and the energy going into the point that you're using for the specific use for that point as well. So, if I'm thinking of reducing stress or tension I'm going to be picturing the person relaxed. I myself am going to be relaxed. I'm going to apply pressure with the pad of my finger. It's going to be a deliberate firm pressure and I can stimulate it if it's deficient, you might do some pulsing. If it's overactive, my intention is going to go to that point. Everybody is different. Not everybody has the point in the exact place so you want to get to know their body. You want to check in with your client if you know a certain pressure point will relieve a certain area or have a sensation in a certain area, you want to ask them if they feel it. They'll be very aware of what's going on in their body, experiment with yourself and again deliberate intention going into the fingers, firm but gentle pressure, watching the body for any responses. So again, you can find a lot of information on pressure points on line or take classes in your area. For more information and links about pressure points and massage and wellness, you can go to my website, Thanks and be well.