Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, and today I'm going to be showing you Marma Point Massage on the face. Marma Point Massage is part of the Ayurvedic Medical System in India and they, it's kind of similar to acupuncture as far as the points are concerned. There are about 107 throughout the body and they correspond to organs as well as having an emotional aspect. Marma Massage on the face is great for relaxation, sinus problems, chronic allergies or asthma and I'm going to be showing you some basic points and techniques today. Usually the practitioner will evaluate the person, decide what kind of dosha or constitution they are and apply an aromatic oil pertaining to their specific dosha. Before we start the practitioner usually does a mudra or a meditation getting centered. It's usually very quiet in the room, very relaxing, maybe some music and we're going to start by applying some pressure on the shoulders. There is a lot of tension in the upper back. Move the head from side to side, releasing any tension in the traps. So I will apply the aromatherapy oil to my fingertips, have the person take in the scent, being prana or life energy to my palms and gently apply over the face. Let your hands rest here for a breath or two, connecting with your client starting at the point below the lip. All these techniques are deliberate and extremely slow and grasping the mandible, the lower jaw, tracing the bottom and with my thumb under the mouth coming to the angle of the jaw, pausing for a moment and then tracing back up to the temporalis muscle. Usually we do these three times then I'll move on to below the nose, again, not a lot of pressure in my fingertips just resting, coming down to the corners of the mouth, really good points for digestion and then tracing underneath the zygomatic arch or the cheek, edges of the nose, great for allergies or sinusitis, putting pressure on the zygomatic arch, tracing up again to the temporalis muscle. There are great points, the corners of the eye, all three sinuses here, I'm going to grasp them on the upper eyebrow area and the point at the top of the head and traction slightly back. Sometimes the chin will come up, that's okay and release ending at the top of the head, always deliberate, always slow, shake out any negative or excess energy and come back and be centered. There is a great video on a more extensive Marma Point Massage. You can find it at my website at Thanks and be well.