Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and we're going to talk about some methods of ways to grow tomatoes. One of the first ones is growing them from seed yourself. A good thing about that is you have so many choices, much more than you would to getting them from starts at the nursery. There's hundreds and thousands of varieties of tomatoes. So you can start them indoors. You can start them in a greenhouse or if you prefer, to take a little less time and a little less work is to go to your nursery and buy starts, transplants, these are ready to go, ready to stick in the ground, a pretty easy way to go. You can take these guys and you can grow them on a patio in a container like this. You want to at least have six hours of sunlight, the minimum of six hours of sunlight a day for these guys. So these are kind of a fun way to grow if you don't have much space. You can just grow them right on your patio, back porch or front porch, wherever you've got some sunshine. Another method is of course just growing straight into your garden. Another way is hydroponics which is growing basically in tubes in water. Those are traditionally done indoors or in a greenhouse. It's kind of a fun way to do, you can have tomatoes year round. You can even grow them in your basement with artificial light. The indeterminant varieties, there's such a bigger variety of them and most of your heirlooms are indeterminants. You will need to stake them. these are some methods of growing tomatoes, have fun doing it.