Video transcription

Hi, I'm Norman Clarke with Norman Clarke Painting. Today, I'm going to show you how to correctly paint the exterior of your front door, a door just like this one. Now, for demonstration purposes only, we're going to do the door closed. Typically, though, painter would open the door and leave the door open while it's drying. However, we're not going to do that today. The tools you will need for this process will be a roll of blue tape like this, a drop cloth, a small brush, and a small roller, a bucket of paint, the paint, and a small piece of sandpaper to lightly scuff our door. Having said all that, let's get going. The first thing we're going to do is to tape off the brass hardware, and the window. So, we're going to get going on that right now. Once we've done the window, the next step is to either remove, or tape around the door knocker. Typically, I would take the door knocker off, but at this situation, we're going to just do a light coat. So, we're going to leave the door knocker on. Okay, now that our door knocker is nicely taped off, I'm going to tape off the hardware - the door handles, rather. We have our two handles done. We're going to do the final taping, which is on the foot plate. Now we have our foot plate and all our hardware taped off, the next thing we're going to do is to sand the door, and dust it off, get it ready for our paint. We're going to start. Whenever you paint a four panel door like this, you always start from the inside, and work your way outside. So, the inside, meaning here, will be this panel here, then this panel, then this panel, then this panel. So, we're going to start with this panel. Taking our paint and our brush, lightly dip, and we want to start on the inside right here. That gives us a good place with which to deposit all our paint from the brush. Go around the whole panel like this, actually painting this small piece of molding. Now, you want to do the outer part of the molding. Carefully bring your brush along the fold of the molding right there, the crevice. Now, we'll do the face part. Working from the inside, again. Always working from the center. By doing it this way, we minimize the amount of paint that we're putting on. We avoid problems such as too much paint on the surface, and problems that arise from doing that, which are sagging and running and drips of paint, that kind of stuff. Bring our brush like this. This takes out any areas that we might have missed. It also helps to spread the paint just a bit more evenly. Once you've done that, then do a final pass on the door, like this, which just keeps all our brush lines in good order. So, once we've done all four panels, the next sequence of events in which to paint the door would be to start on this middle section. You paint this piece first, okay? Then, you'll paint this piece here. And then, you would take this piece of the door here, and go around like this, to here. So, basically you would do the center here, this piece here. Then, take this door here, this piece. And then, in other words, you would have the whole top half of the door done. Then, you would do the same on the bottom. You would do the side here, the middle, the bottom here. And then, finally, the last thing would be the bottom like that. Then, your door is ready. The final, very final thing is, you open the door and paint the edge of the door. Once you've done the edge of the door, that's the final thing of the door. This is Norman Clarke with Norman Clarke Painting. I thank you for watching, and I've shown you the correct way in which to paint an exterior of a front door. Thank you very much.