Video transcription

Hi, my name is Barbara. We are here at the Village on Main in Utah, and I'm going to be your swimming expert for today. Today, we are going to talk about the feet position for the butterfly kick. To do this, you will need a swimming pool, a bathing suit, a swimming cap, and some goggles. The butterfly kick is like a mermaid kick or a dolphin kick. You want to keep your feet as tight and together as possible. Try to create like a mermaid fin. Our bodies aren't like fish, so we are not really made to move in the water. So, you want to think of trying to make your body like a fish or like a fin. Keep your feet as close together as though they were one. And point your toes as much as you can. But when you are swimming, you don't want them to cramp up or be too stressed about keeping them super straight. But, just practice until you can keep your toes pointed and it's natural for you. And that's your feet position for the butterfly swim stroke.