Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics. And today, I'll be showing you how to plant an upside down tomato plant in an upside down pot. First, you want to take it out of the pot that it came in, loosen up the fertilizer a little bit. Just turn it upside down, and you want to use the foam that it comes with to just wrap around the bottom end of the stem. So, that way, when you plant it into the pot, nothing, none of the soil falls out. Just shake off the fertilizer that might have fallen. Then, you want to grab the actual upside down pot, and you want to put the tomato plant right in, and you're trying to get it out of the hole right here at the bottom. And, just be careful as you're doing this, because you might rip some leaves or some stems, and you want to just be as careful as possible, until it all starts coming out. You can pull them out slowly, there you go. As you could see, the foam piece is showing through, and that's exactly what you want, because you don't want any of the fertilizer falling through. So, it's going to look like that. And then, you want to take whatever medium you're using - cocoa, soil, and just fill it up completely until you get to the very top. And then, you just put this right on top as well, it fits in perfectly. You just want to snap it on. This is where you water, from the very top right there. And then, you can hang it anywhere until it starts growing, and then that's all you have to do.