Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics. And today, I'll be showing you how to grow giant tomato plants. You can either buy tomato cages at a store, or you can go ahead and build your own, like I did here, with just some PVC piping, and some three-way and four-way connectors. And, what I did was I stretched out horti-trellis netting right on top, on two different layers is what I did. Or, you can even use the plastic trellis netting, it's all on preference. You just put the actual tomato cage or trellis netting that you build onto a tray. You can lift this up, and put your tomato plant right onto the tray. And then, you want to put your trellis netting right on top, and try to squeeze the stems through without damaging any leaves or stems, just like that. And, get as much as you can out in order for it to reach the very top of the trellis, in order for it to grow bigger and bigger, and you can even add layers on to this homemade trellis system that I built. Or, it's just through all the netting. So, the reason why we're going to be using this horti-trellis netting system to grow a giant tomato plant, is because the stems are going to need support to hold it up in order for it to grow bigger. And, that's how you grow giant tomato plants.