Video transcription

Hi. I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics. We're going to show you how to make a quick compost. What I mean by quick is 14 day compost. It's my favorite method. It's the way to turn out compost fast. It's not as beautiful as compost that sat around for a year but it's still just perfect to use. The best thing to do is to have more greens than you actually have browns. Browns are things that take a long time to break down; like sticks and leaves, cardboard, newspaper. Greens are kitchen scraps, not cooked, but just raw kitchen scraps, leafs, green leafs, your grass clippings. Any of that. And what we're going to do is we're going to layer just like we do any other compost. We're going to do grass. We don't want as much brown in this one because we're going to be breaking it down fast. We're going to throw some blood meal over this. Just sprinkling over. We want to add some bone meal too. This makes a real complete compost when you add these to it. We're going to want to water these in and we're going to continue to layer this. Grass clippings are somewhat moist when you cut them so you don't need as much water as you would when you're doing like leafs. There again, we're going to add some blood meal, some more bone meal. We're going to let this set for three days. We can also add a compost thermometer in to it. You'll see it heat up. In that three days, you should see about 140 degrees. Sometimes it doesn't get there during the winter time but during the summer time, you'll see 140 degrees. In about three days, you want to come out and completely turn the pile over. We'll completely rotate this pile, the top to the bottom, outsides in. If it's a little bit on the dry side, we can add more water now. Put our thermometer back in so we can monitor it. We can also help hold that heat in by putting some burlap over it or some other type of a cloth that lets the air excuse. So we'll come back every three days, turn this thing and in fourteen days you'll see that the temperature is gone down. It's not heating up any more, might be eighty degrees or so then you know it's ready. It also will smell good. It won't have any smell of the breakdown any more. Then you can just easily put it in to your garden. That''s 14 day compost or quick compost. That's all there is to it.