Video transcription

Hi, I'm Aaron, a graduate of University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I've got my BFA in drawing and painting. And today, I'm going to show you how to draw a hidden picture. Alright, so, I'm going to go with the familiar image of the young woman. And there's a hidden picture involved, just watch and wait. Alright, I've got the side profile of her from three-quarter of the view, from just behind, get her hair in there. She's got a choker around her neck, and draw a line. Some of few already see it, the double image hidden picture involved. For anyone not familiar with this image already, it's a very, very popular hidden image, or a double picture. You might look at that in a new way and see this as a nose, this is a mouth, here's a chin. And that's an old woman, this ear is her eye. Let's give her a little feather to be true to the original drawing. The feather's going to go out of the page, but that's o.k. And there you have a double image of a young woman, old woman. This has been Aaron Wemer, showing you how to draw a hidden picture.