Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mike Georgia. I'm the landscaper for the company of, and this is how you should rake and level and even out your soil after you've done all the grading and amending the soil. So primarily, first off, you want to do a rough leveling with this landscaping rake, and then after you've got it pretty, generally like the way you want it, then we use a piece of 2X4 and we use it like a screed like you would do on cement work, and we do a final level and it makes it absolutely board flat. So, there's no hills and valleys in the grass when we lay down the sod on top of this. So, any little, any low spots, we're going to know it right away, and then any high spots we can brush into the low spots. And again, this is Mike Georgia. I'm the landscaper for, and that's how you grade and level your soil.