Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner of In this video, I'm going to be showing you massage for bursitis. Bursitis is the inflammation and swelling of the bursa sack in the joint. The sack is located in between joints and they cushion and lubricate the joints during movement. When they become inflamed, it is very painful and sometimes it is actually very hard to massage the area. So, if it's an acute situation, you might want to just apply some liniments. Your massage therapist will, may have some in his or her toolbox, otherwise, you'll probably consult a physician. If it's a chronic situation and you need of some regular massage, your massage therapist will have some techniques like I will show you. For, bursitis can happen in any particular joint, usually major joints from a repetitive motion injury, a trauma or actually a bacterial or staph infection. If it is a staph or bacterial infection, massage is contraindicated; you must seek medical attention. So, for any other situation, massage is indicated and particularly for the hip joint, it's another major joint that bursitis occurs. I'm going to be showing you some frictioning and some petrissage. So, anywhere that bursitis happens, you want to massage the muscles that cross the joint. You don't really directly address bursitis because it is inside the joint, but the muscles around it that tend to be inflamed or tight or contracted or have adhesions. So, you want to address the muscles around or crossing the joint and that help her muscles where the major, major muscle groups. Particularly the hip, you want to do some circular friction, if it is not too painful for the person. So, have a regular communication with them and I'm just leaning around the joint into the ten, the tendons and attachments. This can affect range of motion in a negative way having bursitis, so, massage will take the pressure off these affected muscles and hopefully increase range of motion. I can go over the joint and friction over the joints. I can also go into the gluts and strip down; maybe some cream I have there. And this is some petrissage; strip down the gluts or I can even strip up this way. So, from the hip joint towards the sacrum, getting the piriformis and also the gluts. Stripping the piriformis and some cross fiber of the glut areas. And then, I can go into the attachments around the sacrum, around the ilium and also, I would address the muscle attachments at the hip flexors on the other side of the body. So, that is massage for bursitis. My name is Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Thanks and be well.