Video transcription

Hello, my name is Ebonee Kirksey from Atlanta, Georgia, and I will be demonstrating how to do prom styles for medium length hair. You will need several items to achieve this style, starting with any size barrel iron, it doesn't matter to get whatever curl and style you want, a rattail comb along with a few Bobby Pins. So first, I'm going to take just two little sections out of the front of the hair. You want to just kind of center it off or however, it doesn't matter. And then, just part the hair down the middle, or whichever area you want to part it in, from ear to ear in the rainbow direction, gather the hair and just comb it up like that. Sometimes, you may want to use a scrunchy, gather the hair, twist it on just until it's as tight as you want it, which is fine. Okay, now take your comb sometimes and get the little fly aways, comb it up a little, take your curling iron, put it in your stove or whichever your heating element is and heat it up for a few minutes or a few seconds, not too hot. Okay, take the two little pieces that you have up front and just curl it. Start from the root and just twirl, twirl, twirl until you get the desired curl that you want, hold it for a few seconds and then just let go and there you have a curl there. Same thing on the other side and let go. And if you want to just add a little flare to the top of the hair you can take the curling irons again and just curl the top of the hair, just comb it all up, take the curling iron from the root of the ponytail and just curl it just a little, a little bit on the end mostly, mainly. Just so you can get just a little bump to help you. Then, take both of your hands and just kind of roll the hair together like that, take the Bobby Pin and just stick it in there from one side, take another Bobby Pin and go to the other side and tuck the hair, spread it out. Just comb your little flyaways. Take another Bobby Pin, secure the other side and in most cases sometimes you will need a holding spray or spritz, whichever you prefer, spray it on the hand so that it can go on just lightly and go like that over the hair just to grab some of the fly aways, some on the sides there, comb it up a little. And there you go, you have your prom do.