Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing in Murray, Utah, here to demonstrate how to remove a faucet from a bathroom sink. We'll show you some tools in two different style sinks. Crescent wrench, channel lock or water pump pliers and a basin wrench which we'll show you how it works in a later time. This here is a single-handle basin faucet or loud faucet, just one handle; hooks up a little different on the underside, we'll show you, we'll also show you a two-handle faucet and how it works. Okay. For video purposes, our sink has been removed and, and flipped upside down. This is where you see the basin wrench come in. Basin wrench is use to remove supply lines and now, were all removed the lock knots. Sometimes if you have room, you'll be able to use a crescent wrench; in some cases, you'll need a socket or a small pair of pliers to be able to reach up behind the sink. Once you removed the lock knots and sleeves that lock it in place, at that time, your faucet will be able to be lifted right out of the sink. Okay. Now, we're going to work on a two-handle faucet. Some things are similar, you still have two supply lines, still have two lock knots. The difference in the lock knots on these when it's usually attached to the same device as the supply lines. Again, with our basin wrench, use to loosen the supply lines first. Once you've removed your supply lines, you'll be able to reach up to the actual lock knot on the faucet. Of course again, I've got the sink sitting on the floor here simply for video purposes. You'll be standing on your head trying to do this. Once you have sometimes a little bit long winded, once you have the right side removed, you can start on the left side. There will also be in a lot of cases, the rod which controls your stopper that will have to be removed and pulled out of the way. And once you have the second one removed, procedure's the same as the, as the last faucet. Pull your faucet out, take it down, pick you up a new one. And I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah and we've just shown you how to remove a bathroom faucet.