Video transcription

Hello, my name is Joshua Clement with Lighty contractors. Today, we'll be discussing how to repair a goose neck kitchen faucet. One of the most common problems with a goose neck faucet is this thing right here called the aerator. What happens is when you turn your water on and off a lot, it cleans off the side of the pipes, something called sediment, and pushes it through the goose neck into the aerator where is collects it. When that happens, you get a very slow stream. I'm going to show you how to fix or replace this part. You're going to need a couple tools for this job. A standard pair of pliers, and a kitchen towel, and I like to use a paper towel or napkin. The first step is to take your dish towel, place it over the faucet, pliers in hand, pinching the towel over the aerator. You do this so you don't scar the aerator with the pliers. Gently turn, and it should come right off. Next, you want to take your paper towel or napkin, place it under the aerator. This catches all your sediment, which is in the faucet. Take your aerator, and tap it out. Now, rinse it. You want to do this part very slowly. That way the water pressure doesn't knock the aerator out of your hand and down the sink. Put the aerator back in place and finger tighten. Take your rag and pliers, playing the rag over the aerator. Using the pliers, gently tighten. Be sure you do not over tighten and strip out your threads. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty contractors, and that is how you fix a goose neck faucet.