Video transcription

Hi, I'm Reanna Amy. Welcome to Lee's Salon. Today, I'm going to show you how to dye hair black with blonde highlights. So, today we're going to need an applicator bottle, and black hair dye, and developer for your black hair dye. And we're also going to need blonde hair dye, and a bowl, and a applicator brush. We're also going to need some foil to do foil work, known as highlights. First, we're going to start, because we're doing black, we're going to put some protective cream on, so that we don't end up with a nice ring around the forehead. So, we get our protective cream. You can use lotion, or petroleum, or, you know, whatever you have. The first step we're going to do is, we're going to do the blonde highlights in the black hair. So, we're going to take our section of highlight, we're going to get our foil, we're going to put our foil underneath. We're going to get our blonde hair dye, and we're going to paint it on the hair. Once you have the hair all painted, it will stick to the foil. And then, you just fold up your foil so the hair doesn't get into the black hair, and it'll stay blonde. So, we'll do a couple highlights. And then, we'll go in with our black hair dye in between. Our next highlight. Again, with the foil. Again, your blonde hair dye. And, in the foil we go. Next, we will do a side foil. So, we will take a section over here, and it's the same procedure as on the top. You take your section of hair, you decide where you want your blondes to be, and what you want to leave black. The foil, your blond hair dye. Paint the hair. It will all stay nice and neat in your foil. And, you just continue this all the way around the head, until you have your blonde highlights everywhere, and you're ready to go in with your black hair dye. Make sure you paint all the hair, and it's all saturated, because if there's no dye on it, there's not going to be a change in the color. We're going to take our section. And, here's our highlight. Here's what's going to stay black. We are going to put it in the foil, and apply our blonde hair dye. You want to make sure you get those ends covered well. You don't want anything to be dry, or it won't get colored. And, you just continue with the same process all around the head. So, here's our next section. And, we're going to clip the rest of our hair out of the way, and we're going to do some more highlights. There are our highlights. Place your foil, and paint your blonde hair dye on there. Make sure you get it close enough to the root area up here. And, you're going to want to get blonde on all of your ends. And, now we're ready to go in with our black. Now, we're ready to go in with our black hair dye. So, we're going to take our sections that aren't in the foil, and we're just going to put black hair dye on the roots. Make sure you get everything saturated in through the length of the hair. Make sure everything is nice and wet. If it's not covered, it won't be colored. So, again, we're going to go in the side, and we're going to place our color all in here. Then, we're going to bring it through the rest of the hair, pulling it through the rest of the hair. Again, making sure everything is covered. We're going to lift our foil, and go into our next section underneath. You may need a clip to hold your foil out of the way. Then, you're going to apply your black hair dye, and in through the body of the hair. And, you just continue this like the foils, all around the head, and that means in the front as well. But, we have our protective cream, so we don't have to be afraid, when we get up here, to do the front section. It's going to be okay, we're not going to turn her forehead black. So, again, with the clip, hold the foils out of the way. Grab your section, go in with your hair dye and pull it through everything. And, for this front section, I like to pull it off to the side, so that it doesn't splash in the eyes. And, continue around all of the hair. When you finish the front section, you go into the back, and it's same procedure. Make sure you get everything nice and covered. And, back here, you can just kind of go through big, long sections, and work it in. Big, long sections, work it in. Moosh it around, and check and make sure that everything gets covered, and bring it through the length of the hair. Get everything nice and wet. Then, you sit and wait, and then you wash the hair.