Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for Planting roses step by step. Well typically, we want to go to your local nursery, find a rose that looks great, and of course, is trouble-free. You know, if it has a lot of problems, keep looking down the road until you find the one that really, you know, zings your zang. When you are picking a rose, make sure that it doesn't have any real bad problems, like black spots, or powdery mildew, or bad insect problems. Chewed leaves means you might pick another plant. When you take it out of the container, gently kind of tap the container, pull it out, and if it's root-bound, as many of them are, you are gently going to take your cutters or your hand, and kind of pull those roots gently apart. Place it into a container, or into the soil that it's going to be for it's rest of it's life, and make sure that you water it in well. You can't have any air pockets when you're planting your little rose plant. Make sure you pick a bright, sunny spot. And pick an area where you have a good water source. Maybe give a little bit of peat moss and Black Kow cow manure to improve the soil, and make sure that you take time to enjoy your roses. For learning more about how to do it step by step, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.