Video transcription

Troy Kish here at Cool Springs Eye Care, Franklin, Tennessee, and we are going to discuss how to remove smudges from eyeglass lenses. Smudges can occur usually maybe if you hugged somebody or somebody's nose squished against. Or maybe your nose or your brow. And what it is is just a maybe a bit of skin oil on your lens. Well, the best way to get rid of that rather then spray it down with the spray cleaner, the microfiber cloth is actually better for the smudge. So, we are going to see the smudge located. We are just going to take the cloth just by itself dry and we are going to wipe it clean. And there it is just thumb and finger on the smudge. And now the smudge is gone. If you don't have a microfiber cloth another one would be maybe a T-shirt that had no fabric softener washed with it would be good, too. Even a towel that was soft. But it has to be soft enough not to scratch the lens. The smudges are gone. And that's how we remove a smudge from an eyeglass lens.