Video transcription

Hi there. I'm Jennifer Parker, owner and director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga, and today I'm here to teach you the chicken dance. The chicken dance is a great dance to do at weddings, at other social events, or even just at home when you're having fun with the kids. The chicken dance is incredibly easy. It involves five steps. The first steps are our beaks. And we'll do those three times. The second step is our wings, and we'll flap our elbows. And we'll do those three times. Then we'll do our twists. Right, left, right. And then we'll clap four times. One, two, three, four. Alright, so again. That's beaks. That's wings. That's twists. And clap, two, three, four. Now the first third of the chicken dance is almost just that repeated over and over again. And then when you get to the polka part, it's time to grab a partner, lock elbows with them, and then you can make a circle with your partner, going around one way, and then stop, and then link your elbow with your partner, and skip and make the circle going around the other way. So again, our whole chicken dance would look like this: flap, twist, clap, and then we grab our partner and go in a circle... and we grab our partner and go the other way in a circle. Now that you know the steps involved in the chicken dance, I encourage you to go out and find the music and to practice your moves. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Thanks for watching.