Video transcription

Hi, my name is Bob Linde. I'm an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. Today, I am going to talk to you about herbal remedies for leg ulcers. Obviously, leg ulcers are non-healing sores, are a very serious medical condition, and should only be taken care of by a qualified herbalist, acupuncturist, or other medical professional. We've been very lucky and had the privilege of working with a number of people with non-healing sores, but have always worked with a wound care clinic or M.D., who assisted us in the process of either applying the herbs, or just ensuring that things don't progress in a negative direction. But, one of our favorite types of formulas to use is a topical formula where we powder up three different herbs. That's plantain or plantago offininalis, dung guay which is in the angelica family, that's dong guai root. And astragalus and it's also known as wong chi in Chinese medicine. So, we use roughly equal parts of each one of these herbs, and they can be very commonly found. And apply them on a daily basis to the leg ulcer in order to help speed the healing. One of the things we don't recommend is using comfrey since it oftentimes heals the skin too fast and can trap bacteria inside. If there's an active infection going on we need to use a different set of herbs oftentimes to ensure that we kill a bacterial infection or mercer or some other serious skin condition that maybe going on. So, ensure that you are working with somebody who really has dealt with non healing leg ulcers or other types of ulcers in the past. So oftentimes, we'll see very fast progress, oftentimes within a few weeks, and that's with ulcers that haven't healed in years. So, it's great to use herbs, it's oftentimes important to work with a qualified professional to monitor the progress and ensure that it's going in the right direction. And oftentimes, we'll have to use different herbal combinations on that particular person's situation and symptoms. Of course, many non-healing sores are due to diabetes so in order to speed up the process it's important that we regulate blood sugar during this time. And even if you don't have diabetes ensuring that you don't consume an excessive amount of refined sugars or starches. So, this is Bob Linde, talking to you about herbal remedies for leg ulcers.