Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling, and in this segment, I'm going to show you how to stop a noisy toilet. Usually, when you hear water running from the toilet, it's because the seal or your flow haven't been adjusted correctly, and your water is draining when it shouldn't be. To fix this, first, you need to make sure that your seals are alright. You can do this by visually looking down into the back of your toilet and making sure that there's no water going through the bottom. Now, however, there will be water going through the top. What this is is from your float adjuster. There's a screw on top of the highest pipe that comes out on the back of your toilet. Connected to this pipe is a long rod with a balloon at the end. Adjust the screw and the balloon will adjust either higher or lower. This balloon tells you where the water level is. Too high, and it'll drain. Too low and it won't drain. Adjust it until it stops making noises and then flush it to make sure everything flushes. If everything flushes and it continues not to make any noise, you've adjusted it correctly. Again, I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling, and that's how you quiet down a noisy toilet.