Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling. In this segment, we're going to show you how to texture drywall by yourself, without a rattle can. After doing a drywall patch, the final step is to texture your drywall patch to match the rest of your wall. One good way to do a drywall patch and texture it without using a rattle can is to use a stiff bristle brush and some drywall mud, or even texture itself. So, the first thing you want to do, once you get your stiff bristle brush is to get a large bucket container that you can actually fit the brush into. You'll take some water and your drywall mud or texture, and mix them together so it's looser. Originally, drywall mud is to hold tape down, but you want it thinner because you're going to use it for texture. So, once you thin it out to a soupy mix, you're going to put your brush inside, rub it around, pull it out, flip it upside down and aim it towards your drywall patch. Once it's aimed towards your drywall patch, use your two fingers from the front and pull to the back, flicking little pieces of mud on to your drywall patch. Continue this process until the texture is as thick as it needs to be to match the rest of the drywall. I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling, and this has been how you texture a drywall patch.