Video transcription

My name is Paul, with Appliance Service by Paul, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're here today, to talk about different types of range and dryer chords. So, you just bought a brand new dryer or you just moved from on location to the next. When you open up your new dryer, you find out there's no cord. Why? The reason is, there's many different types of chord configurations that can be put on a dryer. So, manufacturers don't ship cords with dryers or electric ranges. The most common types of dryer cords are this, a three prong, and the newer style is a four prong. You can tell this is meant for a dryer because it has an L-shaped prong here, which means it's for a 30 amp circuit breaker. A range cord is straight, and here's the four prong with the straight. Cords come in different lengths, generally from three feet to six feet long, depending on your needs. Once you have your strain relief installed, then feed your cord up. Notice, the center wire needs to go to the center terminal, that's very important. The other two sides are not as important. Then, tighten each one snug, don't over-tighten them, make sure they're snug. But don't break your terminal block, sometimes that happens. Then just reverse the procedure, put your cover back on, and you're ready to use new dryer.