Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I'm going to show you a few exercises you can do kind of works the whole body with the exercise ball. So, I'm going to take it, going to start with the core, why not? We start with the core everyday. So, we got here, hands on the ball. We use our core in everything we do, so we've got to keep it strong. I'm simply rolling it out and pulling it in. Knees are on the floor. If you want, you can go on your toes. Makes it a whole lot harder. That's awesome. So, I'm just going to send it and bring it. So, that's the core. Lets go for some arm work. Alright, so I am on the ball, kind of rolling out. Your hips or your thighs can be under the ball. This is simple, push up. Look what I'm doing. It's a little easier because the ball is underneath my thighs. You want it harder, then you send it away. Maybe the ball is underneath your shins or ankles, I like the shins. Lower and lift. Take the arms a little wider if you want. That's chest. Arms that's awesome. Doing more, last one. And I like it because if you got bad knees, who cares? You are on a ball, doesn't hurt them. Alright, so let's do lower. Simple, this ball is awesome. It's a total body workout. Feet on the ball. Maybe, yeah, your calves are on it. Lift, guess what, that's working? Butt, thigh, hamstrings. I'm going to roll the ball out a little more so it's underneath my heels. Pull the ball in, send it away. So, my hips are lifting, guess what's working? Thigh up to the butt, hamstring. Just holding this move. Abs are working cause I'm balancing on the ball. Don't want to fall off. Squeeze the butt, glutes. Awesome. So, those are three exercises for your arms, your core, your legs. Whole thing. And that's how you workout with a ball.