Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few resistance exercises you can do, they're kind of targeted more for the men. Alright, so what you want to do is take your resistance band, so for this one, I'm going to have both feet on it, it's a squat press. So, all I want ya to do is take the arms, bring it right here at the shoulders, it's kind of like a barbell. You want to sink down, sittin' way back in your heels, this is a squat, come up, press the arms all the way up. So, lower down as you inhale, exhale, so if you don't have enough resistance, you can absolutely make the legs be a little wider, or if it's too much, bring 'em together. Squat, press, that's gettin' the shoulders, that's gettin' the butt, the thighs, hamstrings, from the side, I'll do it for ya. Squat, I'm feeling the shoulders, the traps, it's got it all. So to, see my knee? My knee is not goin' over my toe. Alright, so that's just one you can do. Another one, you'd need a bar or something to pull. I'm just going to wrap this resistance band around here. It's kind of awesome. Wanna start with chest flies. So all you're going to do is kind of like the machine, see what I'm doin'? I got my arms open, bringin' it. Elbows have a slight bend, that is all chest right there. I'm feelin' that, it's a little bit of shoulder, a little bit of chest, two more, want to do like 15 of those, end it from there. Keepin' a lot of tension on the band, boxing! So I got my guard up, pow! Pow! Extending it straight out, you gotta jab, you gotta cross! You got resistance coming and going. Then you want to switch the feet, same idea, jab, cross. So those are a few great things you can do with a resistance band. Really going to work the shoulders, work the legs and work the heart. So, that's what you can do with a resistance band, for men.