Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael Weisner, I'm an animator, illustrator and graphic designer and today, I'm going to show you how to draw some stain glass windows. Let's get started. Alright guys, to begin with, for drawing our stain glass windows. I'm going to first draw out the subject medium, for it's going to be in. So, I'm going to draw a little box. And then for this, you want to go ahead and draw a little, just any type of picture will do. Usually, people that use stain glass windows, are churches or big religious people, things like that. So, I'm going to draw a monk, and night sky. So, draw this cross. Add some trees here. Now, we've got this setup, then you need to go in and make this look like a stain glass window. So, with most stain windows, they take lots of different pieces of glass and the mold it altogether. So, you're going to see like, really unique little breaks and bends to it. I want to stay away from the stain glass, if it breaks, not even the priest. That's o.k., it's going to make him look a little bit older looking. But also, looks kind of cool, when done. And your lines don't have to have any real definition to them. They can just branch out, however you want it look. With all stain glass windows, they always have these little weird lines going through them. And once you have that, you can color it however you want, and it'll look really cool. And that's how you draw a stain glass window, I hope you enjoyed, see you next time.