Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mary and this is Karina and today we're going to talk to you about how to breathe while swimming freestyle. Breathing for people tends to be the hardest concept to get while putting together the whole stroke. But it's not that hard. We're going to explain how easy it is today. When you swim, our body rolls side to side. Okay. And when we breathe, freestyle breathing, our heads will actually roll when the body rolls together to get that breathing. You don't want to move that head separately from the body. It all stays together to keep a nice smooth stroke. So, what Karina's going to do is actually show you how we get that move down. She's going to swim and then take a breath. While she rolls the body, the head rolls with the body to complete the breathing. And then the face goes right back in the water. The only thing you want to remember with breathing is that we only keep half of our face out of the water and the other half stays in the water. When we swim, as we're swimming, we create a little wake that goes around our head. And it actually creates a little space in here for us for our breathing. So, our whole face does not have to be out of the water. And right here, this good body position, she actually has one goggle in the water, half of her mouth is actually part in the water. And so, if she can take a quick breath and put her face back in the water without having to worry about lifting her head out of the water and changing her whole body position and then having to reset. So, she's going to demonstrate a couple more times, that breathing pattern. She's going to roll with the body to take a breath, keeping half of her face in the water, nice and easy. And that's how we swim while breathing freestyle in the water.